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The DS500SDC-3 series bulk front end DC-DC power supply accepts a wide range -36 to –72 VDC input and provides a main 12 V output plus a 12 V standby output. It is rated at 500 watts. Housed in a 1U high rack-mounting enclosure with a short form factor that frees up system space, the DS500SDC-3 has a power density of 10.9 watts per cubic inch. This series comes in two airflow versions – dc-connector to ac-connector and vice versa. The series is also in the same form factor and has the same output configuration as the DS500SPE-3.


  • 500 W output power
  • High power and short form factor
  • 1U power supply
  • High-density design: 12 W/in3
  • Inrush current control
  • N+1 or N+N redundant
  • Active current sharing
  • Full digital control
  • PMBus compliant
  • Compatible with Artesyn’s
  • Universal PMBus GUI
  • Reverse airflow available
  • Two-year warranty

Технические характеристики

  • Total Max Power:
    500 W
  • Total Max Current:
    41.7 A
  • Input Voltage:
    -72 V to -36 V
  • Output Voltage:
  • Outputs:
  • Size (L x W x H):
    7.740" x 3.400" x 1.580"
  • Warranty:
    2 years
  • Operating Temperature:
    0 to 50°C


DS500SDC Series Artesyn 12V 500 Watt Power Supplies (48 V DC Input)

  • Производитель: Artesyn
  • Модель: DS500SDC Series
  • Наличие: По запросу
  • Цена: по запросу