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DA10-050AU-M (10W Wall Mount AU Plug) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050EU-M (10W Wall Mount EU Plug) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050MP-M (10W Wall Mount Multi Plug) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050MP-M2.1 (10W Wall Mount MP_SP Plug) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050MP-M402 (10W Wall Mount MP uUSB) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050UK-M (10W Wall Mount UK Plug) - по запросу по запросу
DA10-050US-M (10W Wall Mount US Plug) - по запросу по запросу

The new standard DA10-M series of plug-in wall-mount AC-DC power adapters features full (non-patient critical) medical and ITE safety approvals. It meets Department of Energy Level VI and European Code of Conduct v5 Tier 2 Directive efficiency standards.


  • Class II input
  • European CoC v5 T2 compliance
  • US DoE Level VI compliance
  • Operation to -10°C
  • Overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent and short circuit protections
  • 60601-1 Safety certification
  • 60950-1 Safety certification
  • Available in multiple fixed and interchangeable AC plug configurations
  • Output cable available in barrel plug and micro USB connectors

Технические характеристики

  • Total Max Power:
    10 W
  • Total Max Current:
    2 A
  • Input Voltage:
    90 V to 264 V
  • Output Voltage:
    5 V to 5 V
  • Outputs:
  • Size (L x W x H):
    2.360" x 1.100" x 2.400"
  • Warranty:
    2 years
  • Operating Temperature:
    -10 to +40°C


DA10-M (Level VI) Series Artesyn 10 Watt Wall Mount AC-DC Power Adapter (Medically Approved)

  • Производитель: Artesyn
  • Модель: DA10-M (Level VI) Series
  • Наличие: По запросу
  • Цена: по запросу