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12V, 18kW, 1U 21" Power Shelf - по запросу по запросу

Artesyn Embedded Power introduces a 1U x 21” shelf that utilizes dual AC source inputs. Converting incoming input voltage into a 12.5VDC output with a total power capability of 18kW. It accommodates 6x 3kW hot-swappable single phase PSU modules with integrated Source Transfer Switch (STS), which can seamlessly transfer between the dual source inputs. It includes a hot-pluggable Shelf Controller for monitoring and control over Ethernet (DMTF Redfish® compatible) management networks. This power shelf is typically used for compute and storage applications which require reliable power and optional battery backup.

Технические характеристики

  • Total Max Power:
    18,000 W
  • Total Max Current:
    1,440 A
  • Input Voltage:
    180 V to 528 V
  • Output Voltage:
  • Outputs:
  • Size (L x W x H):
    31.102" x 17.598" x 1.716"
  • Operating Temperature:
    0 to 45 degC


12V, 18kW, 1U 21" Power Shelf Artesyn 15kW N+1, Stackable for 33kW N+1 in 2U

  • Производитель: Artesyn
  • Модель: 12V, 18kW, 1U 21" Power Shelf
  • Наличие: По запросу
  • Цена: по запросу